Youth & Teen Athletic Development 

Similar to learning language or math, mastering the building blocks of athleticism sets the stage for advanced and elite training. Our clinically designed pre-teen workouts are time-tested and proven to succeed in readiness for competitive sports, injury prevention, establishing discipline, and healthy habits for life. FitSport offers three levels of Athletic Development training. "Jr. Sport"  training is ideal for youth 7-11 years. "Elevate" level training ​is designed specifically for ages 12-14, and "Prep" training, customized for each athlete, is perfect for ages 15+. Athletic Development workouts are most often integrated with speed and strength training and cross-training in boxing or Muay Thai.

FitSport Athletic Development

Jr. Sport 7-11 years

The foundation of "Jr. Sport" training is the Athletic Development (AD-1) workouts. These 45-minute sessions include essential athletic movements, jump skills, speed basics, and agility training. 

Jr. Sport members get unlimited access to these group workouts, which are a great place for your child to start their lifelong fitness journey. The sessions are designed to develop motor skills & movement patterns to accelerate proper brain mapping for elite athleticism. We teach bodyweight strength and resistance, as well as introductory speed techniques and conditioning basics. Our Performance coaches keep it fun while helping your child build a solid training work ethic. 

Jr. Sport membership also includes Jr. Boxing or Muay Thai classes, a great way to burn off extra energy while developing balance, coordination, confidence, and discipline.

Elevate 12-14 years

Designed for boys & girls ages 12-14, these 60-minute workouts mix plyometrics, beginner strength training, and intermediate agility and speed. 

Building on the foundations of the AD-1 workouts, these sessions focus on more advanced athletic movements, vertical jump power, and more advanced speed (resistance) training and techniques. In addition, the Elevate Level group workout also introduces weightlifting or bodyweight strength training, depending on the athlete's age, ability, and training goals.

Elevate membership includes Jr. Boxing or Muay Thai classes, both excellent crosstraining workouts.

FitSport Athletic Development
FitSport Prep Training

PREP ages 15+

These elite-level workouts combine velocity-based training (VBT) strength training, advanced plyometrics, and speed training.

Prep Level workouts are customized to help athletes achieve their goals, whether it be in-season (maintenance, conditioning, quickness) or off-season (strength, power, explosiveness, speed). Prep membership includes cross-training in Adult boxing or Muay Thai classes, great for conditioning, and a refreshing change to your workout routine. It also develops hand-eye coordination, quicker hand speed, balance, and footwork skills.