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Baseball Training Academy

Our mission: develop young players to reach their maximum potential while nurturing their enjoyment of the game of baseball.

What we offer:

Seasonal Clinics & Camps

Baseball clinics and camps range from 2 days to 6-weeks in duration. FitSport's coaches are all former professional baseball players who have experience working with young players at all skill levels. The training facility features on-site batting and pitching tunnels, indoor & outdoor training spaces, a fully-equipped gym, locker room, and access to local playing fields for full practice sessions. Calendar of upcoming clinics & camps.

Private Instruction

Private instruction sessions for hitting, defensive skills and pitching are available for 60 or 90-minutes sessions and can be purchased and scheduled here. Profiles are created for each athlete with customized stretching, strength and conditioning routines and a skills development plan. Book a private session.

Team Training 

We offer team training on site for skills, hitting and strength, speed & agility. Please call us at (626) 714-7130 to schedule team training with a FitSport coach. 

Speed, Agility & Strength Training

Weekly group sessions in speed & agility focus on resistance training to develop quickness and power. Our expert coaches train in sport-specific movements that get athletes to the ball and the bases faster.

Click to meet our speed coaches. To see the weekly schedule of youth-prep training options click here.

Stretching & Recovery (NEW!)

Customized stretching programs, assisted stretching & sport recovery sessions are available from licensed professionals. Purchase & schedule a session here.

What we train:

  • Sport (and position-specific) strength & power.

  • Speed training - resistance, forward/lateral, explosiveness.

  • Hitting technique & achieving max velocity.

  • Athletic movement - agility.

  • Throwing mechanics, arm path & arm care.

  • Pitch design.

  • Defensive skills & strategy.

  • Recovery routines for injury prevention.

  • Teamwork.

Private Training

Purchase a 1-1 Private Training Session with one of our hitting or fielding coaches, or with Pitching specialists coaches Dakota Behr or Fernando Gallegos. To book a private session, or a package of sessions, use the purple link below. After your purchase, schedule it through the yellow link below. Or download the FitSport App from the Apple or Google App Store. It's the easiest way to purchase and book sessions, or change or cancel an appointment.


Cross train option now available. Athletes can train in unlimited speed & agility sessions, weightlifting, boxing, Muay Thai and Circuit training for just $99 for a full month with the purchase of any 4-session pack of privates. (Must be 13 years of age + for weightlifting & circuit training sessions).

The rate for Indoor or outdoor 90- min. cage rentals is $200. Add a coach for 90 minutes of instruction for an additional $135 (please contact our front desk (626) 714-7130 to schedule the coach).
Three Easy Steps to book your cage:
  1. View Indoor or Outdoor Availability on the date and time you wish.
  2. Purchase/Book either the outdoor or Indoor rental using the desired purchase button above.
  3. After purchase, continue to the "Book Appointment Now" feature on your screen.
Problems? Call us at (626) 714-7130. We're here to help!
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