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Academy Training

Master Fundamentals. Throw and Hit Harder. Improve Speed & Agility. Compete!


Fall Baseball Academy

September 25th - November 16th

The Fall Academy training is a 10-week session with training three times weekly.


Mondays: Field practice, John Muir High School (701 W Montana St, Pasadena, 91103), 6:00 - 7:00 PM. All ages. Fielding and defensive skills, position-specific practice, base running, and game IQ.


Tuesdays-Saturdays: Speed & Agility training, 1-hour sessions each week (choose from any of our age-appropriate speed classes offered daily). Get stronger, quicker, more agile, and reduce your chances of injury.

Wednesday: Skills Day at FitSport,  5:00 - 6:00 PM (ages 8-10), 6:00 - 7:00 PM (ages 11-14). New skill drills each week, plus batting practice on alternating weeks. 


The total cost of the Fall session is $520, payable in two $260 installments due upon registration and October 10th.

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Private 1-1 Coaching

Schedule your 1-1 private coaching session in three easy steps:

View Baseball Coaches & Availability.

Purchase a Session or Pack of Sessions.

Book your Appointment.


Choose from our Hitting and Fielding coaches, or  Pitching and Catching specialists. A 60-minute private lesson is $100, or 5 sessions for $450. We also have 90-minute sessions available starting at $150.


The easiest way to book appointments, purchase lessons, and make schedule changes is with our FitSport App. Download the FitSport App from the Apple or Google App Store. 


Travel Team

Athletes interested in playing travel baseball now have the opportunity to participate with our travel team partners West Coast Prospects. All academy members will participate in weekly joint practices with WCP teams on Mondays.  Athletes who have expressed an interest in the travel team option will be evaluated over several weeks, and those selected for a spot on the travel team roster will join WCP practices after August 1st. Travel Team parents are required to purchase the 5 x weekly fee option ($300/monthly). Those who are not initially selected for a travel team spot are encouraged to continue academy training and joint practices to be ready for opportunities that may open up. Travel Team Interest Form.

Baseball Speed & Strength Training, ages 14+ (NEW!)

These sessions are offered up to 5 x weekly and are designed to build overall strength & size initially, then transition to baseball, position-specific weightlifting. Ideal for ages 14+, young athletes will use resistance training, bodyweight exercises, hand weights, medicine balls, and Kaiser equipment to safely build muscle essential to injury prevention, increase rotational power, and build the core engine for speed and quickness.

Additionally, athletes will work on flexibility, arm care, time management, and understanding how to cope with the mental challenges of the game. Athletes enrolled in Baseball Strength Training are encouraged to participate in weekly speed training classes at least 1-2 sessions weekly. Purchase of the monthly "Baseball Speed & Strength" package covers attendance to both strength training and speed sessions.

Strength sessions with Coach Max Schoener: Mon at 7 PM-8 PM | Tues, Thursday, and Fridays 7:30-8:30 PM

Speed sessions with Coach Malcolm & Coach Fernando: Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 PM

Alternate Elite speed sessions are available Monday thru Saturday (see schedule).


Purchase Baseball Speed & Strength - 1 Month.

Batting Cage Rentals & Team Training 

We offer team training on-site for skills, hitting and strength, speed & agility. Please call us at (626) 714-7130 to schedule team training with a FitSport coach. 

Cage Rental

The rate for the outdoor 90-minute cage rental is $200. It includes a Jugs pitching machine (softball or baseball to 70mph) and a turf practice area suitable for skill drills. Add a coach for 90 minutes of instruction for an additional $135 (please contact our front desk at (626) 714-7130 to schedule the coach).

The rate for the indoor cage is $150 for 90 minutes. It includes a Jugs softball or baseball pitching machine. Space for additional skill drills, warm-ups, etc., is not guaranteed and is subject to availability at the time of your booking. You may add a hitting coach for 90 minutes for an additional $135. Contact the front desk to add a coach (626) 714-7130.

View Cage Availability

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