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Martial Arts &

Mental Health

Reduce Anxiety, Build Confidence, Improve Self-Control 

Conflict and aggression have much more to do with ourselves than with others. The battles in our outer world will always tend to reflect those of our internal world. For centuries, Martial Arts have taught students that the best fight is the one that never happens. It teaches that self-awareness, a positive mindset, and coping with stressful situations are essential to controlling emotions, conquering fears, and avoiding conflict.

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What We Offer

Self-Defense lessons are organized into kids, teens, and adults. No experience is necessary and size and strength are not limiting factors. Anyone can learn Dave's simple but highly effective self-protection techniques. Classes for kids 8+, teens, and adults.

Harness Anger & Frustration

Anger supplies us with the energy to meet dangerous situations successfully. However, frustration can lead to anger, anger leads to rage, and rage leads to uncontrolled aggression, physical or verbal, upon another person, or if turned inwards upon yourself in a self-destructive manner. Therefore, recognizing these emotions (in ourselves & others ) and managing emotions is a fundamental tenet of our self-protection system.

"I was fortunate to enroll in Dave's studio at a time of deep personal struggles."


Eric C.

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Life-Long Skills 

  • Awareness of self & surroundings

  • The power of intuition

  • Breathing for stress control

  • Exercise for health & relaxing

  • Self-confidence from knowing how to defend yourself if necessary.


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Dave has more than 25 years of experience teaching his proprietary method of self-protection. He is a 5th-degree black belt, and the co-author of the book "Idiots to Monsters: The Essential Guide to Surviving Common Threats and Violent Encounters."


When & Where

Sessions are twice weekly for one hour (90 minutes for adults). All classes are held at our training center at 801 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena.

Training Fee
$175 Monthly

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