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Registration Requirements

This 4-week camp is for top tier soccer girls 12-16 years of age, and is ideal If you have played for Flight One, Discovery, ECNL, ECRL, or Academy level. Girls with exceptional skills, who have not played in the programs listed above, may request an evaluation by Coach Salazar by clicking the link below.

Coach Salazar will be teaching girls how to work with weights in a girls soccer-specific strength training program for elite players. His philosophy is rooted in the anatomical differences from boys and girls which require significantly different approaches to strength, speed and agility training. Most importantly, Coach Salazar's approach is designed to counter the knee injuries beset by girls playing soccer. Additionally, Coach Salazar teaches unique skills to be a more effective defensive player.

The training is both outdoors and indoors at FitSport's fully-equipped athletic training center and at a local sports field. Sessions are limited in size to ensure quality and attention. Sessions are 2-hours, three times weekly, (M-W-F) and tentatively set to start at 10:00 AM and 12:Noon, starting June 12th and ending  July 10th. (No training 4th of July week). 


The cost of the Camp is $480 per week ($460 if you register for all 4 weeks). Space is limited to 20 players. The Drop in fee is $200 per session and is contingent on space available. 

Request an Evaluation

Please allow at least 30 minutes to work with your child. The evaluation is conducted by Coach Salazar. There is a fee of $149 due at the time of the appointment.

Thanks for submitting!

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