What is the right training for your child, and how much training is necessary? These are the two important questions, and every child is different. FitSport offers training options for young athletes starting at age 7. Starting young not only helps kids successfully train in each of the building blocks of a solid athletic foundation but instills confidence, teamwork, and discipline. 


High School athletes are often ready to incorporate strength training into their off-season workouts, along with speed, agility, and jump training. Our sessions are supervised by certified instructors who have worked with hundreds of young athletes. Both group and private sessions are available.

Sports-specific training and cross-training programs include football (developmental and prep level), our Fitsport Baseball Academy, and track & field training. Cross-train workouts include boxing, Muay Thai, and speed sessions. This type of cross-training is ideal for keeping training fun and challenging while developing fast hands and feet, eye-hand coordination, strength, and stamina.

We're here to answer any questions you may have about your child's athletic training. Please schedule a consultation with one of our coaches. Or, for more information on available training options for youth, click the options below:

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