Youth Boxing

With benefits like self-discipline, respect, and confidence, boxing is an incredible sport to help kids learn important skills and life values. But as a parent, you may be asking yourself, “is it safe for my child?” Let’s start with the facts: boxing is a highly controlled contact sport, and youth boxing is even more controlled. Designed to reinforce a positive, respectful mentality, boxing also instills a “never give up” mindset. It’s a great way to train athletic skills and cross-train for almost any sport. Kids who box benefit from improved self-esteem, discipline, classroom behavior, and more. And while aggression has its place in any sport, boxing teaches you to “keep it in the ring.” Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt that bullies shy away from kids who are known for training in boxing, and for one simple reason: they don’t like pain!

FitSport Youth Boxing
FitSport Youth Boxing
FitSport Youth Boxing

Why Boxing?

  • Improvement of your resting heart rate and muscular endurance

  • Increased balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility

  • Great crosstraining for any sport or general fitness

Our members love that the classes are short and effective. Combining strength training, stamina, and core. Did we mention the added cool factor? After all, punching things is our cardio.

Stress Relief 

Increased Full Body Strength


What to Wear/Bring

Increased Balance and Coordination  

Come dressed in comfortable, breathable non-restrictive clothing – remember, our classes will get you moving! Boxing gloves & wraps are required for this class. Both are available to borrow at the training center or able to be purchased at the time of your class. Ice cold water is available during the class. We provide a newly remodeled locker room equipped with lockers, showers, and fresh towels.