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2024 Spring & Summer Enrollments Now Open

Sports Camps in Pasadena, CA

FitSport Kinetics

Summer sports camps in Pasadena, CA

Training with Purpose

FitSport Kinetics is in its fifth year of providing performance training for athletes and active adults. Our professional coaches are experienced in working with young athletes at all skill levels. We offer year-round training in speed and agility, strength and conditioning, team, group, and private fitness, and operate baseball and softball academies. To help your child get the most training and fun from their camp experience, we send every parent after sports camp registration a brief survey of their child's fitness level, their experience in sports, and training goals. We use this information to group campers with others at a similar level to ensure everyone is challenged to improve while always focusing on mastering the fundamentals of the sport. Our camps are purposely balanced with a welcoming atmosphere, fun times, and training with purpose.

Sports camp, Pasadena, CA

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