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Strength & Cardio Conditioning

Athletes age 13 + have a variety of group workouts ideally suited for in-season or off-season training. From supervised weightlifting, interval training, classes delivering high cardio conditioning, like boxing or HIIT, or speed & agility training, FitSport's coaches will help get you into top form at the peak time. Maintaining your gains throughout competition season is key to injury prevention & top performance.

Youth + Prep Classes

Give your child a competitive edge and healthy habits for life.

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Exceptional Coaching

We pride ourselves on our professional, highly trained and skilled coaching staff. USTAF and Olympic speed coaches, former collegiate athletes, and certified professional trainers. Each experienced with youth athletes coaching and livescaned with fingerprint background checks.

Meet Our Coaches

Train with Purpose

Our coaches and trainers are dedicated to helping your child stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. We offer a supportive community that will encourage you to push yourself to new heights. If your child plays a sport, workouts can be customized to enhance sport-specific demands, weekly progressions and periodization.



At FitSport, we are committed to helping your child achieve real results. Our unique speed training program will make them faster and more athletic, but only if they dedicate themselves to the training process and work hard while in training. The wide variety of workouts options we offer is designed to challenge young athletes while keeping them engaged, and with workouts daily, there's a way to train, even for the busiest student athletes.

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